Clinical Pathway - Where to start?

Facethetics Clinical Pathway


Welcome to Facethetics, we hope to help you decide where to start with your Aesthetic Injectable journey and possible new career.  There is a short video below that will give you a peek into what your experience will be like.


Should you start your training in Foundation Botox or should you start with Foundation Dermal Filler?  Or do you do both?


The above questions are always difficult for us to answer, you will know yourself how you learn best.  Some of our learners wish to know as much as they can right at the start and others prefer to take individual steps:


We have the 3 step course available, where you learn Botox, Dermal Filler & Cheeks and Universal Lips across 3 days.  The cost for all 3 days is £2,190 + VAT.

The alternative to this, is to come on one of the individual days and just do Foundation Botox or just do Foundation Filler and then book another date in the future for the second modality.  

In order to attend our Universal Lips, you must have completed Foundation Dermal Filler.

Remember, you will need an Independent Prescriber, if you are not one yourself, to prescribe Botulinum Toxin for your patients.  Click here for more information on Prescribing. 

When choosing who to train with, think about the practical hands on experience you will receive, the facial assessment time and the ongoing support that you will need.  At Facethetics Training, we pride ourselves on the quality of the learning materials we supply, the on-site theory and practical sessions you receive and the support we offer you when moving into this brand new world of Aesthetics.

The staff at Facethetics are warm and approachable and are here to guide you along this new pathway.  We are always readily available to answer any questions and assure you that your journey with us does not end when you walk out the door.

Have a read of the individual pages below and get a feel for where you can see yourself starting.  Have you thought about how you will market yourself on completion of training?  We have marketing guides that will help you and we will offer as much advice as we can regarding setting up your new small business.  Will you start by going mobile?  Will you rent a room?  Are you already part of a practice or clinic?  Call us and talk things through, we are here to listen and to help.


Day 1: 

Foundation Botulinum Toxin Full Day course including pre-course e-Learning. 

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All Foundation Days (Day 1 & Day 2) can be completed independently or as part of a combined 3 day course. 


Day 2:

Foundation Dermal Filler Full Day course including pre-course e-Learning.

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Day 3:

Intermediate Lips & Cheeks Full Day course including pre course reading.

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You MUST have completed a Foundation Dermal Filler qualification prior to attending this course. 


Entry Requirements for these courses:

This course is open to the following medical professionals only;

Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Therapists, Pharmacists, Paramedics, Physiotherapists and ODPs.


All applicants will be assessed individually on experience, skills and knowledge.