Hair Transplant Technician course

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Price: £2900
  • Entry Requirements:

    This course is open to medics and non-medics.

    PLEASE NOTE: A hair transplant technician DOES NOT carry out surgery. 

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With a growing number of hair transplant clinics opening across the globe, there is a constant need for skilled hair transplant technicians worldwide.

Their role is to prep hair transplant patients, and assist during hair transplant surgery, and to care for patients pre and post op. They have extensive knowledge of hair loss, hair transplant techniques and procedures.

This is a unique and rewarding career, giving you the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of patients who are dealing with hair loss.

What does the Hair Transplant Technician course involve?

During this 3 day course you will learn;

  • Hair loss theory (male and female)
  • Hair loss types (male and female)
  • Hygiene standards
  • FUE Instrument training
  • Handling of sharp instruments
  • Instruments for hair transplants
  • Surgery setup
  • Donor area preparation
  • Surgery assisting
  • Graft removal
  • Graft handling
  • Working with grafts under microscope
  • Planting grafts (forceps and implanters)
  • Instrument sterilisation
  • Patient welfare
  • Patient Pre-op and Post-op
  • Documentation
  • Freelance advice
  • Post-training support as a member of The International Association of Hair Transplant Technicians

Why train as a Hair Transplant Technician?

  • Rewarding career helping patients regain their confidence
  • No Medical Degree Needed - Hair transplant technician roles generally don’t require a medical degree to work worldwide.
  • Global opportunities - find a job anywhere in the world!
  • Career growth - with dedication and experience, you could advance to become a Senior Technician, Trainer or Clinic Manager.
  • Competitive wages - in the UK, hair transplant technicians can expect to earn wages ranging from £200 to £500 per day as a freelance technician. In Europe, salaries are typically around €500+.Travel and accommodation is usually covered by the hiring clinic when booked.
  • Demand - there is a constant need for skilled technicians worldwide
  • Unique career - embrace a niche profession that sets you apart from the crowd!
  • Professional development - be part of the global hair transplant society, fostering continuous learning and networking opportunities.

Meet the Educator

Evgeniya Fedorova is a hair transplant technician and clinic owner, with 20 years’ experience in hair transplant surgeries and training. She began working as a hair transplant technician in 2003 at, a leading hair transplant clinic in St Petersburg, Russia. There she was and continues to be trained by her father, Dr Sergey Fedorov, in the most advanced hair transplant techniques available today. 

Evgeniya is a vastly experienced technician, having worked in a number of elite clinics across the UK, Europe and Russia. While working internationally, she has gained extensive knowledge of the best techniques and procedures that are crucial to achieving the best results for patients. She also frequently travels to successful hair transplant clinics around the world to train staff in new techniques and procedures.


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This course is open to medics and non-medics.

PLEASE NOTE: A hair transplant technician DOES NOT carry out surgery.