Who can train?

Who can train?


At Facethetics Training, you must be a registered medical practitioner or healthcare professional to train with us. We regularly receive enquiries from people who are looking for a change in career.

Please see below for details of all of our courses and who can train with us.

Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Currently, we define "medical practitioners" as; Doctors, Registered Nurses, Dentists, Prescribing Pharmacists, Paramedics, Non-prescribing Pharmacist, Physiotherapists and ODP's.  All applicants are required to fulfill our entrance criteria and all applications will be considered on an individual basis.

All our Aesthetic Injectable courses are delivered to healthcare professionals i.e. Foundation Botox, Foundation Dermal Filler, Lips and Cheeks 

Advanced Botox and Dermal Filler Combined - Medical practitioners who are trained and experienced in administering foundation Botox and dermal filler treatments.

PRP - Medical practitioners, beauty therapists (Level 4 or above) - ANYONE undertaking the PRP course must have a venepuncture qualification

Microsclerotherapy - Medical practitioners

Fat Reduction - Medical practitioners who have completed an advanced dermal fillers course.

Sunekos - Medical practitioners


Skin Treatments

Dermaplaning - Beauty therapists (Level 2 or above), medical practitioners

Bridge the Gap (Skin Health Course) - Beauty therapists (Level 2 or above), medical practitioners

Chemical Peels (Beginner's and Advanced) - Beauty therapists (Level 3 or above), medical practitioners

Skin Needling - Beauty therapists (Level 3 or above), medical practitioners

Microdermabrasion - Beauty therapists (Level 3 or above), medical practitioners

Global Approach to Skin - Beauty therapists (Level 3 or above), medical practitioners

For anyone who is completely new to advanced skin treatments, we recommend starting off with "The Next Step" Skin Health course or Foundation Skin Peels as these courses provide a great deal of underpinning knowledge about the skin which will help you when it comes to further skin procedures.

For information on our Level 4 courses, we recommend visiting the individual course pages as entry requirements vary from course to course.