Online Complication Series


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Say NO to a V.O. is the first module in our Complications Series.  It is for all levels of practitioner and this programme will enable you to manage your fear and reduce the risk of a Vascular Occlusion 


No matter how long you have practised aesthetic medicine, that sinking moment you notice a Vascular Occlusion, the guts churn and inevitable panic blurs your senses. None of us want that moment to happen but most of us will experience it at some point and the only way we can kick that panic out and restore our logic is to arm ourselves with thorough, up-to-date knowledge and research. 


There are 3 main parts to this programme:

  • Cannula v Needle
  • Aspiration
  • Hyalase - incorporating the *NEW High Dose Pulsed Protocol


Dredging through all the information available online is daunting and difficult to determine its credibility. This is why we've cut that work and doubt out for you with a structured approach to managing a V.O. that includes videos, diagrams, and written research on science and use of hyalase among other topics. 


With this online module you will not only feel more prepared, more confident and more equipped but your level of mastery around filler reversal, hyalase and complication management will go far beyond that of the average practitioner. 



Click on the button below to be taken to Say NO to a V.O.