Prescribing - Overview

At Facethetics training in Liverpool we are aware that prescribing is a key concern for those considering training. We recognise that this is a key piece of information you need when considering embarking upon a course in aesthetic medicine. We have listened to those concerns and tried to provide you with accurate, honest answers.

Here are some of the areas of concern expressed:


I am NOT a prescriber how do I get Botulinum Toxin for my patients?

A prescriber can delegate the administration of a prescription only medicine (POM) to a responsible and competent person following a face to face consultation. Many healthcare professionals, with the exception of doctors and dentists, have not undertaken the postgraduate V300 qualification and are therefore unable to prescribe independently. In these circumstances our delegates usually "buddy up" with a prescriber, often another delegate they have met on the course. At Facethetics we support our delegates by providing a list of prescribers from various regions of the country. The prescriber will speak directly with you and inform you of their charges and how they will schedule the face to face consultations with your patients. The average charge for prescriptions written is between £20 and £35, including the face to face consultation.

Many of our delegate report the added benefit of receiving support and mentorship from their prescriber, especially in the early days.

Although we check the prescriber’s registration, it is important that you undertake your own checks including copies of their insurance demonstrating cover to prescribe for others in aesthetics. 

When you are registering with a pharmacy, your prescriber will need to give their details and qualifications and be listed as your appointed prescriber . You will be registered as the account holder and be responsible for paying for all products. The prescription will state the delivery address which will be the address of your business. 


I AM a prescriber how do I get products?

It is a lot more straightforward for a prescriber. All delegates are provided with a list of aesthetic pharmacists and how to contact them in the resource section of their e-learning. There is also access to a template with instructions to accurately complete a private prescription. 

Once you have chosen your pharmacy you simply follow their registration process, you can be registered with a few different pharmacies. Once registered, the pharmacy will guide you through their specific systems for ordering, this is always as straightforward as possible.


Both prescribers and non-prescribers will find the JCCP Guidance Statement - Responsible Prescribing for Cosmetic Procedures a helpful, accurate document that is clear to follow and considers the guidance of the regulating bodies.