Model Suitability

If you are interested in being a model for a particular treatment, we must ensure that you are suitable to actually have treatment first. Information on requirements and suitability for various treatments can be found below.


Please note: all model appointments are strictly open to over 18s only.

We can not treat anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

We reserve the right to refuse treatment due to medical history.


Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Botulinum Toxin)

Due to our tight schedule, we ask that all anti-wrinkles injection models have all three "standard" areas of Botulinum Toxin. These are; horizontal lines on the forehead, frown lines between the eyebrows and "crow's feet" at the corners of the eyes.


Fat Reduction Treatment

You must have stubborn pockets of fat in any of the following areas; arms, back rolls, sides of thighs, inner thighs, inner knee area, stomach or double chin.

You must not be actively dieting.


Dermal filler

We offer dermal filler treatments for the following areas; lips, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, vermillion border (edge of lip), cheeks, jawline and chin.

We can not treat you if you have had dermal filler in the same area within the last 3 months.

If you have previously had a dermal filler treatment with another clinic, please find out which brand of filler was used.


Cheek Filler/Contouring (available on our Intermediate Lips and Cheeks course)

This treatment is suitable for anyone who wishes for a subtle contouring effect for their upper cheekbones. It is not a full cheek enhancement treatment.


Cheek Enhancement with Dermal Filler (available on our Advanced Dermal Filler & Botulinum Toxin course)

Available to anyone who has lost volume in the lower or mid-cheek area.


Jawline or Chin Enhancement with Dermal Filler & Botulinum Toxin (available on our Advanced Filler & Botulinum Toxin course)

Suitable for anyone with the following;

- pre-jowl

- lack of definition to the jawline

- hollowing in the jawline/lower face

- square chin

- receding chin

- wishes to have a more feminine jawline


Nefertiti lift/neck lift (available on our Advanced Botox course)

Suitable for anyone wishing to smooth their neck and jawline


PRP/Vampire Facelift

Not suitable for heavy smokers

We can not treat you if you have issues with veins, ie, if medical professionals usually struggle to extract blood from your veins.



Not suitable for heavy smokers


Skin Treatments

Gentle/mild peel - suitable for most skin types. Will cause light flaking of the skin post-treatment

TCA peel - suitable for most skin types. Downtime required as significant peeling of the skin will occur for several days afterwards.

Dermaplaning - model must have visible vellus hair ("peach fuzz") on their face.

Skin needling - suitable for most skin types. Good for anyone suffering with acne scarring or uneven skin texture. Please note: Hyperpigmentation on the skin may be exacerbated by skin needling.