Advanced Dermal Filler and Advanced Botox Course

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Level: Advanced
  • Price: £875 + VAT
  • Entry Requirements:

    This course is open to the following medical professionals only;

    GMC, GDC, NMC, GPhC and HCPC

    All applicants are assessed on an individual basis.

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The Advanced Dermal Filler and Botulinum Toxin course

  • Advanced treatment for the mid and lower face using the dual modality of toxin and filler, 10 CPD Hours. 

This course is designed to provide educational resources and quality training in dual modality procedures to enable you to readily incorporate them into your clinic practice.  We will 'look through' the skin to the underlying anatomy, helping you to target injections and avoid important structures.



Exploring facial ageing, assessment and strategies for managing changes.

Exploring the more youthful face requiring contouring and enhancement.

An introduction to Male v Female face.

Managing treatment needs v treatment budget.

Assessment treatment planning 'deciding the start point', choice of product and modality are all key to successful treatment outcomes.


What treatment areas are covered?*

  • Upper and mid cheek augmentation with HA




  • Chin with HA and Botulinum Toxin

  • Jawline with HA

Mandibular Angle

Body of Jaw

Prejowl Sulcus

Preauricular area

  • Botulinum Toxin

Platysmal Bands

Nefertiti Lift


Depressor Anguli Oris (DAO)



*Please note this does not include gummy smile and treatment of the lip area (i.e. Orbicularis Oris) These indications are covered on Advanced Lower Face Toxin & Hyperhidrosis 


What does the training involve?

  • Pre course reading in a simple format that will refresh knowledge.

  • In depth theory on the day enabling you to become an informed and competent advanced aesthetic practitioner.

  • A core element of learning will be to assess the face globally. Qualitative and quantitative approaches will be utilised to inform accurate planning and placement of product.

  • A practical session, which allows all delegates the opportunity to put into practice the advanced injection techniques on their models under the guidance and close supervision of our trainer. Delegates will assess and consult with their models and as a group to identify and differentiate between symptoms and cause.

  • Complications - cause and treatment.

Learners are welcome to utilise the knowledge and experience of our educator and ask questions they may have.  We can provide you with all consent forms for guidance and adaptation for your clinical practice.


Following the course, what support will I receive?

Once you have introduced the treatment to your clinics, our team will be happy to offer advice and guidance should you have any questions. We can be contacted by phone or email.

FREE observation:  If you feel that you need that additional support or life got in the way immediately after training, with adequate notice, we can book you onto the afternoon of another Advanced training course to watch the procedure being done on our models.  We just ask for a £30 deposit.  This can then go on account towards future training, it will not be refunded.  If you do not turn up for the observation day, without 2 weeks notice, the deposit will be lost. 

On paying your deposit for your course, you are automatically agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.


 Jawline with HA


 Upper Cheek with HA


Prejowl Sulcus with cannula


Prejowl Sulcus with cannula


 Chin with HA



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Pre-course reading is sent out prior to the course.


Below is a guide as to how the day will run but depending on numbers and learning styles of individuals, the day may be shorter or longer.


9.30am – Registration


10.00am – Overview of theory and the global approach to treating the face


11.30am- Demonstration along with consultation and assessment


12.30pm- Lunch


1.00pm- Practical session for each Delegate


5.00pm- Q&A

£875 + VAT (£1050)

(£25 discount if you have trained with us on one of our medical courses)



To make payment please call 0151 595 0865 or you can pay by bank transfer, bank details will be given upon receipt of application form.


This course is open to the following medical professionals only;


All applicants are assessed on an individual basis.