Botox Theory Course

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  • Level: Foundation
  • Price: £400 + VAT
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What is the Botox Theory Course?

This is an in-depth theory-only course focusing on Botulinum Toxin and how it is used in aesthetic treatments for the forehead and around the eyes.

You will learn all of the theory surrounding the delivery of an aesthetic injectable procedure, giving you a clear understanding of the different uses of Botulinum Toxin in medical aesthetics.


Who is the Botox Theory Course for?

Be part of the conversation! Aesthetic medicine has grown exponentially in recent years. You may already have colleagues who are pursuing their own aesthetic careers. This course is the perfect introduction to Aesthetic Treatments and the Aesthetic Industry in general.

This course is suitable for;

a) medical professionals who are interested in prescribing Botulinum Toxin for other aesthetic practitioners. Prescribing can be an excellent way to earn an additional revenue stream. Some insurers will require an area of knowledge of Botulinum Toxin before insuring you to prescribe. This is also considered best practice by your regulating body. 


b) medical professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in aesthetic medicine but wish to make sure it’s definitely the career path for them. Before investing in the full course, “dip your toe in the water” and gain a better understanding of Botulinum Toxin treatments and whether you can see yourself delivering these procedures to earn an additional income.


What does the Botox Theory Course include?

  • Online study materials delivered via our e-learning platform
  • CPD points
  • Learn how to carry out a Holistic Aesthetic Consultation
  • If you are a prescriber, you will automatically be added to the Facethetics Prescribers List and your details will be forwarded to any Facethetics delegates in your area who are looking for a prescriber
  • If you decide to return for practical training within 6 months, pay just £495 + VAT (£594)


Can a revenue be earned from Prescribing Botulinum Toxin?

If you attend this theory only course and decide that you would like to prescribe for other healthcare professionals, depending on your cost for a face to face consultation and prescription, you could earn approximately between £1,300 and £2,080 in a year by prescribing for just one patient per week, depending on your prescription cost.

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£400 + VAT (£480)


Return within 6 months to attend our Foundation Botox practical training and pay £395 + VAT (£360).