Models FAQ

Our model appointments are strictly for over 18s only.
Unfortunately we can not book you in as a model if you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding.
Our models must be suitable and agreed by the educator for the treatment they would like to book in for. If a model arrives on the day and is not suitable for treatment, they can be turned away. Most of the time, our selection process works on a first come, first served basis. We regularly send out emails to our models mailing list with details about upcoming training sessions and the first people to get in touch with us will be booked in for those dates. First and foremost, we need models to be reliable and easily reached. If you sign up to be a model but then do not respond to our emails or calls, we may pass your place on to the next person.

Occasionally we may show preference to models who are interested in having more than one area treated. This is mainly due to time constraints during our training sessions, as we find that the day will run more efficiently if we only have to carry out a consultation and complete paperwork for one person rather than two people. An example of this is our Beginner’s Dermal Filler Course, which covers a number of different treatment areas; preference would be given to a model who wanted to have both their marionette lines and nasolabial folds treated, over someone who just wanted their marionette lines treated.
For certain training sessions or treatments, particularly the more advanced treatments, we may need to check that you are suitable to actually have the treatment and may request that you send us a photo or even call into our clinic in person so that we can assess your face. Our trainers are all highly experienced practitioners and will give their honest, professional opinion on whether you will benefit from a particular treatment. If they do not feel that you are suitable, unfortunately, we will not be able to use you as a model, however they may suggest alternative treatments for you instead.

Please visit our Model Suitability page for more information.
As mentioned above, we require models to be reliable. Our training sessions are carefully scheduled so if a model cancels at the last minute or fails to turn up, this can be a major disruption for the people being trained. For this reason, we do ask models to pay a deposit to secure their appointment. For injectable treatments such as Botox or filler, this is £50, for skin treatments such as chemical peels, this is the full price of the treatment (normally £20 or £30).

Your deposit will be taken off the price of your treatment on the day, however, should you cancel on the day or fail to turn up to your appointment, your deposit will not be refunded back to you.
Occasionally, your treatment may be carried out by one of our trainers as a demonstration. If your treatment is carried out by the trainer, you will be charged slightly more, however, this will be discussed when you book your appointment.

Most of the time, your treatment will be performed by one of our delegates, under the guidance and supervision of our trainer.

Our anti-ageing training courses such as Botox and dermal fillers are only open to medical professionals, while our skin courses are open to medical professionals and beauty therapists who are Level 3 and above. The level of experience that the trainee has will depend on which training session they are doing. For example, our Beginner’s Botox Course is for medical professionals who are completely new to carrying out anti-wrinkle injections, whereas our Advanced Dermal Filler course is open to practitioners who are already experienced in dermal fillers but wish to learn new techniques.

Please do not worry about the practitioner’s experience – our trainers are all highly skilled, highly knowledgeable aesthetic practitioners themselves and will guide the trainees through your treatment every step of the way!
As your treatment is taking place during a training session, it will normally take longer than it would in a regular clinic. During your treatment our trainer will discuss the procedure with the delegates and they may ask questions, which can make the whole process take a bit longer. We try to keep everything running on time, but due to the nature of training, we can't guarantee that you will be finished by a certain time. We normally recommend that models allow themselves at least 2 hours, and occasionally, there may be some waiting around, however, we are happy for you to relax in our lounge area if this is the case - you can even watch TV if you want!
Treatments for models are significantly discounted from what they would be in a normal aesthetic clinic. Individual prices for treatments are detailed on the emails we send out about upcoming training sessions, however, you will normally receive a discount of at least 50% for your treatment. For example, models pay £120-£140 for lip enhancement with a 1ml syringe of filler, whereas this would cost £250-£290 full price at our clinic.
For our dermal filler training sessions, we always use 1ml sized syringes of filler. If you feel that you do not need the full 1ml injecting, we do not have to use all of it, however, we can not discount the price as it is already significantly reduced. (see above)
As mentioned above, our training sessions are very carefully scheduled and planned. We also keep our training groups very small so that our delegates do not feel under pressure when carrying out the treatment for the first time in front of an audience. For this reason, we politely ask that models do not bring friends or family with them to their appointment. If you do need to bring a friend or family member with you, please bear in mind that they will not be allowed to accompany you into the treatment room and will be asked to stay in the waiting area during your treatment.
We politely request that you do not bring children with you to your appointment. Due to the medical nature of the treatments we provide, we can not allow children into the training room during a treatment and we also can not allow children to be left unattended on our premises while you are having treatment.
This will depend on which treatment you are having. With any injectable procedure, there is always a risk of swelling and redness immediately after treatment, and bruising appearing in the days following a treatment. We can not guarantee whether you will/won’t bruise, how much bruising you will get or how long it will last for. Certain treatments, such as dermal fillers, carry a higher risk of causing bruising, so this is something to bear in mind before booking in with us.

For skin treatments, downtime is generally very minimal; you may find that your skin is red following a treatment, however, this usually subsides fairly quickly. The only skin treatment which may require downtime is the TCA peel, which is carried out during our Advanced Peel course, as this causes the skin to flake and peel away quite significantly.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding downtime for a particular treatment, our team is available on 0151 559 0865 to offer advice and guidance.
For certain treatments, you may be asked to return to us for a review appointment a few weeks later so that we can check that everything is ok with your treatment and you are happy with it. This mostly applies to Botox treatments. We will book you in for an appointment with one of the full time aesthetic practitioners at our clinic in Liverpool (this is the same location as our Liverpool training school) and they will discuss your treatment with you, check that you are happy and take some “after” photos. For treatments such as Botox, we may need to make a slight correction or adjustment, as is common for Botox treatments carried out in regular clinics.

If you have any concerns, or on the rare occasion that there is a problem or complication following your treatment, again, we will book you in with one of our practitioners at our Liverpool clinic and do what we can to put it right.