"Maskne" - Support for Facethetics Models

By: maxwebsolutions | Posted on: 18 Sep 2020

The importance of correct skincare during this pandemic

Prior to this year, we had never had to deal with mask-wearing in this country, so never before has skincare been so important. Being a model at Facethetics Training, we want to ensure you are looking after your skin to avoid your skin barrier function becoming impaired and causing irritability or breakouts on the skin surface. As you may already know, we also offer advanced skin treatments, which are very complimentary to our injectable treatments – it’s like building a house; your injectables will strengthen the structure of the house but if the roof tiles aren’t fitted correctly they won’t protect against external damage!

We can offer skincare advice and skin consultations over the phone or via email to make sure your daily skincare routine is up to scratch and that you are using the right products for your skin concerns before and after attending as a model.

Along with stress, illness and a lack of nutrients which can cause havoc with our skin, many of us now need to deal with skin issues from wearing masks - are you experiencing this right now?

Here's our advice for helping your skin at this time; 

  • Increase your antioxidant consumption either by eating more fruit and vegetables on a daily basis or by introducing a multi-vitamin supplement into your morning routine. These will reduce the effects of damaging free radicals which create oxidative stress in the skin. In addition to increasing antioxidants in your diet, you can topically apply antioxidants to the surface of your skin in the form of a serum. Vitamin C, E and K contain good healing properties and provide oodles of oxygen to our skin to fight those pesky free radicals. Vitamin C is an essential component in the production of collagen in our dermis.



  • Cleanse your skin both morning and night and remove your cleanser with either a muslin cloth or a flannel to ensure thorough removal of the product. Just splashing your cleanser off with water will trap some of the residue on your skin and possibly lead to problematic skin.

  • As mentioned above, serums are used to aid the healthy function in our skin but they are formulated to soak down through the epidermal layers to treat the new cells being formed, so that when they come to the surface they will maintain radiance in your skin. However, they need to be contained within the skin, so applying a moisturiser after your serum will create a seal which will lead to healthy, functional skin. 



Another vital step to take when looking after your skin and a key to managing how we age, is to always use a sun protection factor. Even on the coldest, dullest winter days, the aging ultra violet rays penetrate our skin. These UVA rays penetrate glass, plastic and clothing and cannot be seen or felt. They can directly damage collagen production in our dermis.

  • Using a hydrating facial mask once a week will help dilute any bacteria on the skin and plump any dehydrated skin cells. 

  • If your skin is breaking out from wearing face masks, on a daily basis, using a cleanser containing salicylic acid will aid in cellular turnover and limit damage from bacteria on the skin. 

Here at Facethetics we now have a skincare kit that includes all of the products mentioned above! Enquire with our staff and we will ensure your skin is cared for!