Level 7 - what assignments and exams will I have to do?

By: admin | Posted on: 29 May 2024

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Thinking about applying for the Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Treatments? Want to know exactly what it will entail in terms of work-load and exams? Keep reading for a full explanation!

Full Diploma or RPEL?

First off, it’s important to clarify that there are two different pathways when it comes to the Level 7 qualification. 

If you are new to aesthetics (or have very minimal experience), the Full Level 7 Diploma is the best option for you. This includes several in-person training days and e-learning, covering the use of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler. As well as the training days, you will be required to complete written assignments, plus a theory exam and a practical exam.

If you are an aesthetic practitioner with at least two years of experience treating patients, the RPEL course would be the most appropriate option. RPEL stands for Recognition of Prior and Experiential Learning. At Facethetics Training, we call this option the Level 7 Express Pathway. You will still receive the full Level 7 qualification at the end of this pathway. The only difference is that it doesn’t include the in-person training days, as these are not required due to your existing experience and training. Instead, once you have applied and been accepted onto the Level 7 course, you would be starting with the assignments.

How long does the Level 7 Diploma take to complete?

There is no specific time-frame for the Level 7 Diploma; much of the work is to be completed in your own time and at your own pace, and so, it’s really up to you how long this takes. Some practitioners complete the Express Pathway in as little as 3 months, while other can take 6-12 months. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the theory and practical assessments only take place at certain points in the year, so, if you are hoping to complete the qualification within a particular time frame, you will need to confirm when the most suitable exam dates are taking place. You must register for your exams in advance. Our team can give you the most up to date list of available exam dates.

So what does the Level 7 assessment process entail?

When it comes to the assessments, there are four separate stages;

Stage 1. Submit 4 short answer assignments. This stage is to be completed at home, in your own time and is not under exam conditions (ie you can use research, course materials etc to write your answers). You will be required to give short answer responses to four questions, focusing on different aspects of the aesthetics industry.

Stage 2. Literature review. As above, this is to be completed at home, in your own time and not under exam conditions. You will choose a topic related to aesthetics and then write a review of two or more research papers around that topic.

Stage 3. Theory exam. This is a comprehensive multiple choice exam which can take place here at our training centre OR remotely at your own location.

Stage 4. Practical exam. This is the culmination of your training, allowing you to showcase your ability to perform aesthetic injectable procedures safely and effectively. While being observed by an examiner, you will carry out a botulinum toxin treatment and a dermal filler treatment, narrating what you’re doing as you do it. Again, this exam can take place here at the Facethetics Training premises, but can also be conducted remotely at your own clinic.

Support and guidance

Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way with your Level 7 assessments. Our Educator will guide you through the program and ensure that you are fully prepared for each stage. We offer a wealth of resources, including online learning, supervision days and even mock exams (if needed).  platforms, to help you solidify your knowledge.

Level 7 is an investment in your future that sets you apart from other aesthetic practitioners and demonstrates your knowledge, skills and commitment to best practice and patient safety. By choosing Facethetics Training, you gain access to a comprehensive learning experience with a strong focus on exam preparation. We'll equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to achieve your Level 7 goals!

Want to know more about Level 7? Give us a call on 0151 559 0865 or email us at hello@facetheticstraining.co.uk - we're always happy to answer your questions and talk things through!