Aesthetics Training Standards - our advice for practitioners

By: maxwebsolutions | Posted on: 09 Jul 2021

Reading time: approximately 3 minutes

Recent reports in the media (including an investigation by Sky News) have highlighted that many aesthetics training providers are offering substandard courses and, as such, are sending poorly trained practitioners into the aesthetics industry.

Unfortunately, the quality of training varies significantly between different training providers. While there are some excellent aesthetics training academies in the UK, there are also many who do not have the best interests of their students, or the safety of the general public, at heart. Sadly, while the aesthetics industry remains unregulated, with no standardisation for training courses, this will continue to be the case.

Advice for Facethetics delegates

In light of the recent negativity in the press surrounding aesthetics training, now is a good time to really stress to your patients that you researched and invested in quality training.

As more and more stories come to light about poorly trained and inexperienced aesthetic practitioners, we can only hope that this encourages the British public to be more discerning about who they choose to be treated by.

Make sure you set yourself apart from the crowd by emphasising that you have done thorough, in-depth training in all of the treatments you offer, and that your patients (and any prospective patients) can trust you.

- Display your certificates (in clinic, on social media and on your website)

- Add details of your training to your CV/bio. You may even want to link to us so your patients can check us out!

- When consulting new patients, talk them through your training and experience. Help them to understand just how important this is.

Hopefully by shedding more light on this issue, we can not only educate our own patients, but also encourage them to spread the message to their friends and family too.

I want to train in aesthetics - how do I choose the best aesthetics course?

If you are a medical professional, looking to train in aesthetics, you probably feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of courses and training schools out there.

How do you decide which one to go for?

All we can say to you is do your research.

A training provider may look impressive; they might have a really professional-looking website, a big social media following and a selection of exciting courses, but could they be too good to be true?

  • Ask around. Do you know anyone that’s already trained with them? Would they recommend them?

  • Does the training provider have reviews online? Google and Facebook are easy to check, but you may also find reviews on Trustpilot. Do the reviews look legitimate?

  • Who is actually teaching the courses? What is their background and experience?

  • Is it clear what you’re actually getting on the course? Before you part with any money, make sure you know exactly what it is that you’re paying for.

If you can’t find this information online, don’t feel bad about calling or emailing the training provider to ask them directly. Aesthetics training is a big investment and a reputable trainer will be happy to answer all of your questions before you make the decision to train with them.

If you require support or advice about training in aesthetics, feel free to email us on or call 0151 559 0865. You can also find more information on starting your aesthetics journey here.