Cannula Training Course Bespoke to You

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Level: n/a
  • Price: from £390 + VAT
  • Entry Requirements:

This course is designed to be bespoke for you as an individual practitioner but you must have trained in delivering a HA dermal filler treatment. You may not have used an aesthetic cannula before or you could be confident with a cannula but unsure of how to use it in one or two particular treatment areas and would like further support and training. The course will focus on where you need to develop your skills and technique in areas of the face you choose.

You will each be given the opportunity to carry out any of the dermal filler treatments of your choice on your model:

  • Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Lips
  • Chin
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Marionette Lines

We aim to tailor this course to the requirements of your patients and aesthetic practice as an individual delegate and therefore ask you to bring a model with indications that you particularly wish to know how to treat. This will give you the opportunity to really focus on the skill you feel you either struggle with or wish to perfect! There will be a £65 charge to the model per syringe.  We can of course provide models if you would prefer.

We would of course require that you have been trained to inject the areas you wish to inject with cannula.  For example, if you wish to perform a cheek augmentation with cannula, we would ask that you have completed cheek augmentation training.  This is so that we can focus on the practical element for you of delivering a successful treatment with the desired outcome when using cannula.

What does the Aesthetic Cannula training course involve?

The course covers all aspects of treatment with aesthetic cannula, beginning with a short recap of dermal fillers, their uses and indications and complications that can occur. The tutor will also discuss the benefits of using a cannula over needle, before moving on to facial anatomy, patient assessment, marking up and treatment planning for your individual models: cheeks, jawline, chin, lips, nasolabial folds, marionettes.

The emphasis will be on you as individuals and what you need help and support with.  Tailoring your models treatment to meet your needs regarding the treatment area with cannula and to perfect your skill.

Is the Aesthetic Cannula training course open to anyone?

The course is open to doctors, dentists and nurses and HCPC practitioners who are trained in foundation level dermal fillers.

Following the Aesthetic Cannula course, what support will I receive?

Should you have any queries about the procedure after you have completed the course, we are more than happy to help and can be contacted via telephone or email.

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9:30am - Registration

9:45am – Review of dermal fillers

10:30am – Demonstration

Coffee break/light refreshments

11:45am – Practical

12:30am – Lunch

1.00pm - Practical 


This agenda varies depending on requirements of individual delegates.

£490 + VAT 

There is no discount on this course if you have trained with us before.

To make payment please call 0151 595 0865 or you can pay by bank transfer, bank details will be given upon receipt of application form.

A 1.5% fee is charged for use of credit card. There is no fee for a debit card.