Coming soon! PDO Cavern Screw Threads

By: katie | Posted on: 15 Jul 2016

We are very excited to announce that we will soon be offering training in a brand new type of PDO thread; the cavern screw.

This is an innovative new product for thread lifting which has never been seen before. Unlike its predecessors, the cavern screw is very tightly coiled, so that it forms a "tunnel" around the needle. This design allows the thread to maintain its shape during the injection process, so that the results of the treatment will last longer. It also allows for use of a thinner needle, which means that the treatment itself will be quicker and easier. It is suitable for all types of wrinkles and areas of the face.

Training in this type of thread will only be offered by NeoPharmaUK and ourselves as their accredited trainers.

See the video below for further details on this new product.