• Duration: Half day
  • Level: Advanced
  • Price: £200 + VAT

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a dermal filler that differs from traditional HA dermal fillers in that it contains a substance called calcium hydroxylapatite, rather than hyaluronic acid. It is made up of tiny calcium-based microspheres which, over time, stimulate collagen and encourage tissue growth. Radiesse works in two ways; firstly, it instantly lifts and volumises when injected into the face, secondly, as collagen in the skin is stimulated by the microspheres of calcium within the Radiesse, this creates a "scaffold" effect, extending the results of the treatment.

Radiesse is much thicker than other dermal fillers, which makes it an ideal volumiser for treating areas such as the cheeks and mid-face which lose volume through ageing.



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£200 + VAT


To make payment please call 0151 595 0865 or you can pay by bank transfer, bank details will be given upon receipt of application form.

A 1.5% fee is charged for use of credit card. There is no fee for a debit card.

This course is open to doctors, dentists and nurses who have completed a foundation/beginners dermal fillers course and have experience of treating patients with dermal fillers.